Year 2

Year Two Home Learning until Easter


Please continue to encourage your child to enjoy completing their reading passport.

Encourage your child to read the many resources you will have at home.

Useful Resources

Oxford Owl (link can be found on the school website in the children’s area) ebooks at the appropriate book band for your child can be read on this site. Please make a note of any books your child has read in their reading diary.

Borrowbox app. This can be downloaded using your child’s library card so that they can borrow ebooks and audio books from their local library. Phone your local library to access your child’s password. 0161 474 5600

Reading Comprehension Activities

Please find the scanned activities as an uploaded file for you to print off and use at home.

Paper 1 practice test - Your senses and This Winter I Went Sledding

Paper 2 practice test – Big Cats, Aesop’s fables and The Lion and the Mouse


*Please use the activities in the CGP Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation book to revise the work the children have learnt throughout year two.


Please continue to practise any highlighted words on Sheets 1, 2 and 3.

Also the phonic spellings for your yellow book for the next two weeks are:

Lovely, playful, quickly, happily, careless, fearful, fearless, wonderful

Can’t, didn’t, hasn’t, couldn’t, potion, fiction, pollution, position

Please watch the video links below to introduce the new sound ‘tion’.


*Please use the maths sheets provided to support your child with their learning in multiplication and division.

Also, please watch BBC bitesize KS1 maths activities on multiplication and division.

Use Daily 10 on the Topmarks website (on the children’s area on the school website) to practise arithmetic skills on levels 1 and 2. You can alter how long your child has to answer each question starting at 20 seconds and working down to 3 seconds as they become more confident and efficient in their workings.

Topmarks also has some useful multiplication and division games which can be used to support your child. See attached for further instructions.

 *Please use the card net provided to create a simple snow vehicle to move a small soft toy from Kathmandu to Base Camp on Everest. Use the design sheet to think about how you can make wheels and axles. Do lots of experimenting with construction type toys or junk to find out how you can make your wheels move freely. Straws or pencils could be used as axles and cotton reels or buttons could be used as wheels. Don’t forget to take a photograph of your finished design.

*Arrangements to pick up home learning resources to follow by email.

Best wishes

The Year Two Team

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