Newsletter 1


9th September 2016

Newsletter No. 1


Dear Parents

A warm welcome to the start of a new academic year and to all our new Reception children and families joining the Hursthead Infant School family for the first time. We hope you have all had a lovely summer and are ready to return to the school routine. The Year 2 and Year 1 pupils have been very eager to support and help our new Reception entrants as well as sharing with us their exciting news from their Summer holidays. Thank you for following the school uniform code, the children have all been very smartly dressed. Newsletters are sent by ‘pupil post’ on a half termly basis. Further information and letters will also be sent via your child so please do frequently check your child’s school bag. Newsletters can also be found on the school’s VLE which also includes further class and Year Group curriculum information. Please do access this useful resource. Thank you to all parents who completed the school’s self-evaluation questionnaire in July, the results of which are attached to this newsletter.

1 Organisation 2016/17


The members of staff are as follows:


Headteacher: Mrs J Driscoll

Assist Headteachers: Mrs A Devereux & Mrs S Reed

Class 1: Mrs S Reed

Class 2: Mrs S McLennan

Class 3: Mrs K Prescott

Class 4: Miss S Bennett

Class 5: Mrs G Bull & Mrs H Johnstone

Class 6: Mrs A Devereux

Class 7: Mrs D Worthington

Class 8: Mrs S Davies

Class 9 : Mrs C Wilson


Teaching Assistants: Mrs E Tully

Mrs J Hyland

Mrs S Lewis

Miss L Care

Mrs J Hurrell

Mrs M Belshaw

Mrs L Donovan

Miss E Moffat

Mrs F Henshall


Learning Support Assistants: Ms N Muldoon

Mrs S Tubb

Ms K Macdonald

Mrs G Templeman


Admin Manager: Mrs C Hilditch

Admin Officer: Mrs S Huxley

Caretakers: Mr D Brookes & Mr D Jones

If you wish to speak to your child’s teacher she will be available at the end of the school day, unless she has a prior appointment or meeting. We value and believe in the need for good communication links and a working partnership between home and school. We would ask, however, that class teachers are not engaged in conversation at the beginning of the school day as their responsibility at this time is with the whole class. Please do send a note via your child in the morning if you need to communicate any information. I am also usually available in the playground before and after school,

Please do not hesitate to contact me in regard to any information, query or concern.

2 Dates for your Diary:


Thursday 15th September

PSA Coffee morning for new Reception parents 9-10am in school hall

Year 2 Curriculum meeting for parents 6-30pm


Monday 19th September

After school Sportspoint club for Yr 1 & Yr 2 begins (letter to follow)


Tuesday 20th September

Year 2 Class 3 trip to Staircase House


Thursday 22nd September

Year 2 Class 1 trip to Staircase House

Year 1 Curriculum meeting for parents 6-30pm (please note there is a Year 5 Meeting at 6pm)

PSA meeting 7-30pm


Friday 23rd September

Year 2 Class 2 trip to Staircase House

PSA Tuck Shop 3pm


Tuesday 27th September

Class 6 trip to Tesco am

Class 4 trip to Tesco pm

Learning Review Meetings – Reception 4-5-30pm


Wednesday 28th September

Learning Review Meetings – Reception 4-5-30pm


Thursday 29th September

Learning Review Meetings – Reception 4-5-30pm

Class 5 trip to Tesco pm


Thursday 6th October

Reception Curriculum Meeting 6-30pm


Friday 7th October

PSA Bingo Night 6-8pm


Wednesday 12th October

“Thumbs up Time” 8-40 – 8-55am (see below for details)


Thursday 13th October

9am Birthday Assembly for birthdays between 10/10 and 16/10


Friday 14th October

9am Harvest Festival led by Year 2


Thursday 20th October

PSA discos 4-7-30pm


Friday 21st October

School closes – October half term


Monday 31st October

School re-opens


Thursday 3rd November

Numeracy meeting for parents 6-30pm


Tuesday 8th November

Year 1 & Year 2 Parent Consultation


Wednesday 9th November

Year 1 & Year 2 Parent Consultation


Thursday 10th November

Year 1 & Year 2 Parent Consultation


Friday 11th November

Reception Lyme Park visit


Tuesday 15th November

Open Afternoon to view the school’s displays (more information to follow)


Friday 18th November

PSA Wear Fun Socks day re: Christmas Fair donations


Friday 25th November

PSA Non-uniform day re: Christmas Fair donations

PSA Christmas Fair 5-7pm


Wednesday 7th December

Year 1 Carol Service at All Saints Church 6pm


Tuesday 13th December

Reception Christmas Performance 9-30am

Reception Christmas Performance 6pm


Thursday 15th December

Year 2 Christmas Performance 9-30am

Year 2 Christmas Performance 6pm (please note there is a Junior production at 6-30pm)


Monday 19th December

Year 1 Christmas Party pm


Tuesday 20th December

Reception Christmas Party pm


Wednesday 21st December

Year 2 Christmas Party pm

School closes for Christmas


Monday 9th January

School re-opens



3 Curriculum Meetings


Parents are invited to attend their child’s curriculum meeting on the above dates. The meeting will give you the opportunity to meet the Year Group team, gain information, and allow you to ask any questions you may have.


4 Birthday Assemblies


We hold a celebratory Birthday Assembly every Friday at 9.05am for the children who have a birthday during the week (Monday to Sunday). During the assembly the children are presented with a Special Birthday Certificate. We also thank our vigilant Year 2 ‘Playground Friends’ who give a verbal report on the games played at playtime and we announce the ‘Friday Fine Diner’ for each class, chosen for their good manners by the midday assistants. Parents and siblings are very welcome to come and join us.


5 Celebratory Assemblies and Christmas Productions


It is wonderful news that the school is at its maximum number of pupils, however, this does also cause some difficulties and health & safety risks when bringing all the parents and pupils together in the school hall for celebratory assemblies, e.g. Harvest Festival. We propose, therefore, that each year group will lead an assembly during the year and the respective parents will be warmly welcomed. The Year Two pupils will lead the Harvest Festival, Reception pupils will present an Easter Assembly and Year One pupils will lead an eco-friendly assembly prior to the Whit Holidays.

The Reception and Year 2 children will also perform their own Christmas Productions and Year 1 will lead a Carol Service prior to the Christmas holidays. Please see dates and times above for the Christmas performances. Finally, each year group will also present an end of year assembly at the end of the Summer term.


6 ‘Thumbs up Time’ and ‘Next Steps’


Following parental feedback from the 2015 end of year questionnaire asking for more opportunities to view and be part of the children’s learning and progress, the school introduced ‘Thumbs up Time’ during the academic year 2015/16. ‘Thumbs up Time’ gives parents the opportunity to sit with their child and share their learning before school starts. Further information will be sent out before the first ‘Thumbs up Time’. School also began to send home, at regular intervals, individualised challenges for each pupil in Literacy, Maths and their thematic work which would aid progress. These are called ‘Next Step Challenges’. The first ‘Next Step Challenges’ will be sent out for Year 1 and Year 2 on Friday 30th September and discussed/given out by Reception during the parental Learning Review meetings the week commencing Monday 26th September.


7 Asthma Inhalers/Medical Needs


If your child uses an asthma inhaler, even on an occasional basis, could we please ask that you leave a spare inhaler in school together with details of dosage and frequency required. Please ensure that this is brought into school in its original named box. If your child has specific medical needs or during the course of the year develops a medical condition, please ensure the school is made fully aware.


8 Water Bottles


At Hursthead Infant School we feel very strongly that every child should have access to water throughout the day. We operate a water availability scheme and all children are encouraged to bring a filled water bottle (water only please), labelled with their name, into school daily. Please ensure, for organisational and spillage reasons, that the bottle is kept separate from lunch boxes and reading bags. A drink with your child’s packed lunch is, of course, still needed. The water bottles can be ‘topped up’ and re-filled during the school day. We do like to maintain uniformity hence each child is given their first water bottle by the school, replacements can be purchased from the school office for the bargain price of £1.50 or 50p for the lid only!


9 P.E Kit for Gymnastics and Outdoor Games


I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the P.E kit your child will need to keep in school. Each individual item of clothing should be labelled with your child’s name.


Plain T- shirt, round necked white

Black shorts with narrow legs (please note that dance leggings that reach the back of the knee are not  suitable for gymnastics as they are too long. No skorts either please)

Jogging bottoms – these can be any colour and are just needed to keep pupils warm for outdoor games    Warm Sweatshirt – again any colour                       

A pair of trainers – velcro fastening is appreciated                                                         

Short socks – if tights are being worn!

Hair bobble (as appropriate)                                              


10 Jewellery in PE lessons


Following advice given by Stockport Council, with regard to the safety of pupils during PE lessons, we request that pupils

do not wear jewellery, including earrings, on PE days. The class teacher will be able to advise, if they have not done so already, which days these will be. We realise this may cause difficulty for pupils who have recently had their ears pierced, please do approach the class teacher or myself if this is the case. We respectfully ask parents to have pupils’ ears pierced during the summer holidays to help with this policy.


11 Playground Toys


We are happy for the children to bring one small toy to take into the playground at playtimes.

For example, one of the following would be suitable:

  • soft toy
  • soft ball (no other types of balls, please)
  • skipping rope
  • small toy car
  • book
  • colouring book and pens/felt tips

The school, however, cannot be responsible for any toy that is lost or broken and as we do not wish for any tears we would ask you to encourage your child to leave ‘precious’ or new toys at home and explain to them the consequences which may occur of bringing a toy into school. Thank you for your help.


12 Absences


We request parents to contact school by telephone or letter on the first day of their child’s absence so that school is fully informed of the whereabouts of all pupils on roll. If your child is likely to be absent for a longer period please keep the school office fully informed. This information is legally required in order for the absence not to be recorded as ‘unauthorised’


13 Child Safety


In the interests of keeping our school and children as safe as possible we would request your help in adhering to the following matters:

  • Please use the Infant playground entrance at the start and end of the school day.
  • Please do accompany your child across the road and into the school grounds.
  • Please do not bring dogs into the school playground. There is a Health and Safety issue raised when dogs foul in the playground and some of our children are very frightened of dogs.
  • Please park appropriately. In the interests of the safety of all children we ask you not to park on the yellow zig-zag lines or partly on the pavements at the start or the end of the school day. Please make sure that accessibility to people’s properties for residents, deliveries and the emergency services is maintained at all times.
  • We ask that pupils do not scooter or bike in the playground at the beginning of the school day and at the end. The playground is heavily congested at these times and there are many younger siblings, who could easily be knocked over.



Apologies for the long list but they are all very valid points! A copy of the Hursthead Infant and Junior School Travel Plan devised by the Governors of both schools is available from the school office. The plan asks parents to avoid parking in front of the school, parking away from it and walking the short distance into school.


14 Collection of Children


As you are aware it is of the utmost importance that teaching staff are fully aware of each child’s individual pick-up arrangements. If the arrangements for your child’s pick-up differ on any day from the norm could you please inform your child’s teacher by sending a written note into school.


15 Lost Property


Our lost property tub has been relocated. It can be found in the playground near the PSA notice board. If your child loses an item please check the tub. Could we again request that all items of clothing, lunch boxes etc are clearly marked or labelled so that they can be reunited with the children. At the end of each half term unmarked items from the lost property tub will be donated to charity. Thank you for your assistance.

16 Admissions to Reception in September 2017


If you have a child due to start school in September 2017 (ie with birthdays between 1st September 2012 and 31st August 2013) or have friends with children due to start school the Stockport admissions on-line application form can be found on the Council website.


17 Midday Assistant


We currently have Midday Assistant positions available. This role is vital to the smooth running of the school and the enjoyment and safety of the pupils at lunchtime. We are very fortunate to have built a committed team of Midday Assistants. The hours worked are from 12-00 – 1-15pm in term time only and although experience is not essential a liking for children is a must! If you are interested, or know of a friend who may be, please contact me at school.


18 Activity Time


Each week, each class will enjoy an “activity time”. During this time pupils will engage in either a French lesson with Mme Coutts, a sporting activity with a qualified sports coach (cricket, hockey, basketball) or a Creative Forest Schools activity led by Mrs Hurrell and Mrs Henshall (to include den building, foraging, games and using natural materials to create artwork). The sessions will last for an afternoon or a morning, and each class will rotate on a half termly basis around the three activities. We feel this initiative brings greater breadth and creativity, plus a lot of fun and enjoyment, to the curriculum we offer our pupils. Year Two will be enjoying their activity time on a Tuesday afternoon, Reception on a Wednesday morning and Year One on a Wednesday afternoon.


19 Lego Club


The Friday lunchtime Lego Club for Year 1 and Year 2 pupils will be continuing for those pupils who wish to attend. It is a very popular club and some of the models built are incredibly intricate! If you are looking to re-house any lego you possess it would be gratefully received!


20 Pupil Premium

Eligible Pupil Premium funding is an allocated amount of money paid directly to schools. The funding supports the teaching, learning and well-being of pupils who are eligible. Pupils who can access this funding can either be:

  • Free School Meals
  • A Looked After Child in the care of the Local Authority
  • Children adopted from care on or after 30th December 2005 (even if for only one day)
  • Children who left care under a Special Guardianship Order (SGO) on or after 30th December 2005 and
  • Children who left care under a Residency Order (RO) on or after 14th October 1991


If any family has a child who meets the above criteria please can you inform myself or the school office in order for school to claim the funding. We do fully appreciate that this information is confidential.


21 School uniform

During the school year uniform, including school book bags, can be purchased from Zenith Childrenswear by completing a school order form which is available from the school office or the school VLE. Orders are collected by Zenith regularly and returned to school for dispatch via your child. Alternatively you can purchase from Zenith online on


Many thanks for your help in all the above matters and apologies for a lengthy first newsletter! I am sure you will join with us in looking forward to an enjoyable and successful school year. If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Yours sincerely





Mrs J Driscoll