Year 1 Week 24

Date: 13th Mar 2020 @ 8:16am

Welcome to our Year One blog.

It was lovely to see you at the parent consultation meetings earlier on in the week.

This week has been very exciting in Year One.  On Monday and Tuesday we invited some toymakers, Don and Katherine from Toys in School, to visit us.  They started by talking about old toys that date back to the times of the Ancient Egyptians and how toys that move require a force such as a push or a pull or even gravity to work.  They worked with a class at a time and we were all able to make our own wooden toy based on a historic design.  We used simple tools like sandpaper, a drill and a hammer to construct the toys and were then able to spend time decorating them before playing with them.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were very excited to use the woodworking tools.

In Literacy we have started reading some Winnie the Witch books, which we find very funny, and we are starting to learn about sequencing sentences to make a short narrative.  We have continued our work on materials in Science and have been testing different materials to see how reflective they are.  In our Computing lessons we are starting some work on coding as this forms part of the National Curriculum through to KS3. 

Our homework this week is some spellings with the focus on "some" and "come".

We hope you have a very good weekend.

With best wishes from the Year One Team