Year 1 Week 19

Date: 31st Jan 2020 @ 8:23am

Welcome to our Year One blog.

This week we had a wonderful day at Macclesfield Heritage Centre and would like to pass on our thanks to the volunteers who came with us.  The children enjoyed meeting Mrs Brown in her cottage to see what a poor child's life at home would have been like and they learned how 6 year old children would have worked in the mills for six days a week and then have had a morning at school on Sunday.  They experienced a lesson with Ma'am, using a slate pencil and slate to draw an Asian elephant and a dip pen to try out copperplate handwriting (hence the rather inky fingers!).  They learned about the expected behaviour - sitting without talking with their hands behind their back - and about how children whose behaviour or work did not come up to expectations had to wear a Dunce's hat.  We also had a session looking at and drawing some everyday Victorian artefacts.

In Maths we are completing our work on bridging through 10 to complete addition and subtraction sentences.  All year we are looking at money - it would be most helpful if you could help your child recognise all the coins by colour, size and shape (many coins no longer have an obvious number on them so we teach the children to recognise the coins without looking for the amounts).   We are continuing to look at materials in Science and are learning to describe the properties of various materials.

Your child's Next Steps are in their homework book, together with their spelling homework on "they" and "so".

We hope you have a great weekend.

With best wishes from the Year One Team