Year 1 Week 17

Date: 17th Jan 2020 @ 9:20am

Welcome to our Year One blog.

This week we have been learning more about Queen Victoria as an introduction to our unit on how children lived in the past.  We are very much looking forward to our visit to Macclesfield Heritage Centre in a couple of weeks' time.   Last week we assessed the children's spelling of some high frequency words (all, no, are, he, be, her, me, she, go, my, the, you, to,we, they, was).  The problem is always that the children spell these words very well in a test but then forget to use the correct spellings in their written work.  If they use these spellings for homework, please would you encourage them to use the correct spelling.  In Maths this week we have been continuing to look at addition and subtraction strategies, including an introduction to "bridging through 10" as a more advanced strategy.   In Art we have continued to look at the artist David Hockney and to use iPads to produce some digital artwork, and in Science we have started to look at materials.

Our homework this week is about materials to help support our science curriculum this term.

With best wishes from the Year One Team