Week 23

Date: 6th Mar 2019 @ 12:00pm

This week we have learnt about why we remember Edmund Hillary. We used our imagination to journey with him from Base Camp to the summit of Mount Everest. We discovered that it took 2 months to climb to the top because of the lack of oxygen and treacherous weather conditions. He was the first mountaineer ever to reach the summit on 29th May 1953 along with his climbing partner Tenzing Norgay. He was knighted by the Queen for his amazing achievement which is why he is known as Sir Edmund Hillary. We recorded what we learnt about him in a fact file.

Next week we will investigate the life of Chris Bonington a modern day mountaineer. We will also continue our work on instructions by writing our own instructions explaining step by step how to make a sandwich. We look forward to seeing you next week at our parent consultation meetings.

This week's homework is to reinforce the work we have done in class learning to recognise verbs and use the correct verb tense in our writing. Please also help your child to learn the division facts for the 5x table.

Best wishes

The Year Two Team