week 20

Date: 4th Feb 2019 @ 4:11pm

This week we have been using the Indian folk tale "No Dinner" to inspire our own story writing. We have used drama strategies to imagine what would have happened to the old woman if some different animals had wanted to eat her on her way home through the forest. We then made story maps of our own version of the story to help plan the story we will write.

Next week we will cook and eat an Indian meal. We will preapre, chop and cook some vegetables to go in a curry sauce. We will discover some of the spices that are often used in Indian cooking. We will smell and taste these spices in our own vegetarian curry.

Homework this week is the first in our PRIDE (Parents Role in Drugs Education) work. The children will bring home a snakes and ladders game to play with you. The ladders are positioned on healthy choices and the snakes are on dangers we have looked at in lessons. Please discuss these with your child as you play.

Best wishes

The Year Two Team