Week 18 2020

Date: 24th Jan 2020 @ 7:40am

Good morning and welcome to our Week 18 blog.

The children have been working very hard this week, learning all about water creatures and using their imaginations, like Isabel Iguana, following our reading of the book Billy's Bucket . They've also been consolidating their knowledge of the phonemes "ee" and "oo" and applying them to reading and writing. Next week's phonemes are "ay" as is day and "oa" as in boat. Try helping your child to spot them in any story books you may have at home.

The children are counting down the days to their trip to Sea Life Manchester! Thank you again to everyone who was able to volunteer to help and we look forward to seeing you at the pre-trip meeting tonight after school in Class 9. The children will spend the morning at Sea Life and return to school for their picnic lunch. Please remember to bring book bags and water bottles as usual, but also a small named drink on the day of your class's visit. We're looking forward to learning more about a wide variety of water creatures.

We also have our Learning Review Meetings happening next week. Please check the time of your appointment and turn up a couple of minutes beforehand. We aim to keep to time so if an issue raised, by either yourself or the class teacher, needs more discussion you will be offered a follow up meeting within the next week or so. Any problems with your allotted time slot, please let your class teacher know.

We're delighted to see so many of our children progressing steadily through their word sheets. This is down to the hard work they are putting in both at school and at home. There are 10 words sheets in total containing all the words that your child is expected to know by the end of Reception and many children have already completed all 10. The words on the 10 sheets include all those detailed by the Department of Education that are required for your child to know by the end of their Reception year. As always, should you have any issue with helping your child practise these at home please speak to your class teacher. 

We have had an exciting 5 days and are looking forward to our adventures out of school next week. 

Best wishes for a fun weekend.

The Reception Team