Week 17 2020

Date: 17th Jan 2020 @ 7:22am

Good morning. Thanks to everyone who attended the Phonics meeting last night. It was a whistle-stop tour but hopefully of use to you all.

The phonemes we have introduced so far this term have been sh, ch, th and ng (as in sing). Next week we will be looking at the phonemes ee (as in see) and oo. The "oo" can make two different sounds, "oo" as in look (a little like the "u" sound) and "oo" as in zoo (NB: in certain UK regional accents, including the north east, there is only the long "oo" sound as in zoo). 

This week each class has been creating their own large scale, co-operative sculpture of a water creature! Class 7 have made a Blue Spotted Stingray, Class 8 a Hairy Angler Fish and Class 9 a Velvet Sea Star. Alongside the artwork, children have been researching on the internet (adult supported) to find out more about their creature and a variety of other water creatures. We always aim to include some of the more unusual creatures in our research (sea slugs and sea cucumbers are always a favourite!) so, if you have time at the weekend, please do have a look at some!

In maths, the children have been practising using ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc) and are now working on "estimating" amounts of objects (5, 10, 20). These can both be particularly tricky concepts for some and further work will be undertaken at school, but any practise you can do at home would be beneficial. Please ask if you have any queries.

Following our reading assessments, reading with your child will return to their normal day next week so please can you ensure all books are in bags and that words have been practised. Thank you. 

Wishing you a happy weekend

The Reception Team