Week 16 2020

Date: 10th Jan 2020 @ 7:22am

Welcome back and happy new year from us all!

The children have settled back into routine very well following their exciting Christmas breaks. We've been looking at the water pictures the children have sent in and discussing our new topic. The children have also been thinking of questions they would like answered about the subject and we're looking forward to helping them research the answers as we explore water throughout this half term.

Next Thursday we are holding our Reception Phonics Talk at 6.45 in the school hall. This will be a short presentation (30 minutes or so) to explain all about Phonics in Reception and will address any questions you may have.

The phonemes we have covered this week have been "sh" and "ch". Next week we will be looking at "th" and "ng". "Th" is a tricky one for the children to distinguish (particularly from "v" and "f"), so encouraging them to put their tongue between their gently closed teeth, blow the air out and then open their mouths as they say it, is the best way to help them produce the sound. 

Thank you for your prompt return of the helpers letter for our Sea Life Trips. So many of you have volunteered (which is wonderful) that we have had to put names in a hat! Letters will be in bags tonight letting you know the outcome! 

Learning Review Meeting booking opens tonight (Friday 10th) at 6pm and closes on Wednesday 15th. As always, please talk to your class teacher should there be any issues. 

Just a quick reminder that we are out in the school environment in most weathers, so please ensure your child has a named, waterproof, warm coat and remember to name their hats and gloves as well. 

Quick reminder of other dates for your diary this half term. Share a story is on Friday 7th February at 2.55pm and Thumbs up time on Thursday 13th February at 8.40am.

Hope you have a fun weekend!

The Reception Team