Week 15

Date: 21st Dec 2018 @ 7:28am

Good morning and welcome to our last blog of 2018!

We've had a full on festive week this week! Wednesday's party was great fun with party games and lots of generously donated food! Thank you. It always amazes us how much such little bodies can eat AFTER a normal lunch! They were extremely well behaved and polite guests despite the excitement level reaching 10!

In bags this week you will find (or have found) "presents" from the children for their families. We're currently using up our stock of glitter and sequins in the hope that a more eco friendly version will be available by next year, so we hope you enjoy the sparkle. You will also have found your child's "next steps" in their reading record book. These are objectives that you can help your child practise over the holidays. If you have any questions please ask your child's teacher at the end of today. 

Our topic next half term is Water. We will be visiting Sea Life Manchester (Class 9 on Monday 28th January, Class 8 on Tuesday 29th January and Class 7 on Thursday 31st January) and will need volunteer helpers to accompany us. Another date for your diary is the 17th January at 6.45pm when we will be holding a short Reception Phonics Talk. Details for both of these will be in bags first day back.

You may also have been given your child's new word sheet (for learning by sight, or sounding out, depending on the word). We feel that some of the word sheets that have been used previously were rather over long, so our new sheets contain far fewer words. This obviously means that there are more sheets (10 in fact) but rest assured they cover all the words required in Reception. Please simply practise the words on any new sheet you have been given and, hopefully, any confusion due to the cross over of systems will be short lived!

The whole team would like to say a huge thank you for your very generous gifts and cards and for your support throughout the term. Both are very much appreciated. We wish you all the best for a joyous Christmas break and a happy and healthy 2019.

The Reception Team