Week 14

Date: 14th Dec 2018 @ 9:28am

This week we have enjoyed watching the dress rehearsals for the Reception and Year Two Christmas performances.  We discussed how nice it was that they were all different - a Nativity from Reception, a carol service in a church from Year One and a singing and dancing show from Year Two.  We have continued our preparations for Christmas by finishing off our Christmas cards and presents, and we have continued looking at the Christmas story in the Bible as part of our RE lessons.  In Maths we are looking at ten more and ten less than any number up to 100 - we have learned how the tens number changes but the ones number stays the same.  In Science we have continued to classify animals into their animal groups of mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles and to learn more about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

Our homework this week is some spelling work, focusing on "you" and "do".

Next week we are really looking forward to our Christmas party on Tuesday.  In the meantime we hope you have a great weekend.

With best wishes

The Year One Team