Week 12

Date: 30th Nov 2018 @ 8:21am

Welcome to the Week 12 blog!

We've had a great week in Reception. The rehearsals for our Nativity production are well underway. Don't forget, costumes are due in on Monday in a named bag. Thanks to everyone who has sent them in already and to all of you who have helped your child learn their lines for the play! Some of the spoken pieces are quite challenging and the children are doing very well. We're excited to share the experience with you!

All of Reception have been using the book Stick Man this week (and next). Alongside our writing activities, we've been out with our wellies on, finding and making Stick Man in our outdoor areas. This book in particular has really captured the children's imaginations. I wonder if the finale involving Father Christmas has anything to do with it?

Our practical maths topic for next week is to begin to look at coins. In an area where most of us use plastic or transfers to pay for things, it is proving increasingly challenging for the children to gain a concept of "money", its purpose and importance. An old fashioned piggy bank where the children can store up coins, learn to recognise them and begin to make amounts with them, is an excellent idea (stocking filler?). If this won't work for your family, a see through jar with a collection of British coins will work just as well. It really is worthwhile as there are still many curriculum requirements as they move through school that include coin useage.

It's still not too late to send in your photos of family celebrations. These are making a valuable contribution to our assessment of the children for their People and Communities strand of learning.

Whatever you are up to take care and enjoy opening those advent calendars!