Week 10

Date: 16th Nov 2018 @ 9:58am

Hi everyone and welcome to the Week 10 blog. We've had a lovely week out in the outdoor areas looking for Leaf Man and making music using natural materials.

Thank you for sending in your photos and slips detailing a celebration your child has enjoyed. If you haven't managed to send yours in yet, there is still time. It has been great to use the photos as a starting point to talk about the various events that your family celebrates. Don't forget, if your child has enjoyed a special time or has achieved something that makes you proud e.g. riding a bike without stabilisers, getting a swimming badge etc. there are praise certificates for you to take home, fill in and return to school. These are located in the Reception Parent's Area inside Class 9's door. This outer door is left open in the morning before school and at the end of the day. Please do take a couple ready for that special moment! 

Thanks also for your donations both to Children in Need and the school fair. There are certainly some amazing "silly socks" on show today! The children made sure their teddies behaved in assembly this morning and are looking forward to taking them out into the playground later. 

Our Share a Story session is this Monday 19th at 2.55pm. Simply go to your child's class door and you'll be shown into the classroom where we will have a selection of class books for you to share with your child. Don't forget, it's also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about reading. Can we request that you leave your buggies either outside or in the corridor for this session (younger siblings are of course very welcome to come in!).

The fabulous Christmas Fair is next Friday the 23rd and we are all looking forward to seeing you there. The day of the school fair is traditionally "non-uniform" day. This means your child can wear their own clothes but please remember that they will still be out in the outdoor areas for much of the day, so suitable shoes and no party clothes thanks! 

Our practical maths focus this week has been length. When you're out and about this weekend why not try modelling, or asking your child to use, the language associated with this tricky concept. The children are encouraged to use the words long, longer, longest and short, shorter, shortest rather than big and little! 

Whatever you're up to this weekend, have fun and stay safe!

The Reception Team