Reception Week 23 2020

Date: 6th Mar 2020 @ 7:36am

Morning and welcome to the week 23 blog.

We hope you enjoyed tasting the vegan flapjacks this week. Mrs Rossell is doing a great job passing on her baking knowledge and it was lovely to hear so many children talking about the baking they do at home.

This week we have also been discussing occupations (jobs that you get paid to do!). We have already had visits from the dentist and a doctor, and are hoping to have a visit from an optician. Please keep talking to your children about the occupations you and members of your family have as they will be using this information to write over the next two weeks.

For World Book Day we read the book "Odd dog out" and talked about how we are all different but all special. There is a cbeebees bedtime story of the book read by Tom Hardy (youtube if you can't find it on iplayer) which is well worth a look!

Next Thursday is Share a Story for Reception and we will be putting out all our dinosaur and related books for you to share. There are some fabulous dinosaur books out there, so if you have one you'd like to bring in to read with your child please do. We are holding several Share a Story sessions throughout the year so please do not worry if a member of the family cannot attend them all. Rest assured the children double up with friends or are read a story by a staff member as appropriate.

On Friday we are fund raising for Sports Relief. Please simply send your child to school in sports gear with a small donation of money! Reception will be scooting and running throughout the week not just on Friday (weather permitting!). 

This week we have been talking about the emergency services and ringing 999 (or swiping and pressing emergency call on a mobile)! As part of this we have been seeing if the children know their home address. Most children will know this already but if not, please help your child to learn this over the weekend.

The phonemes for next week are "ear" as in hear and "air" as in hair. These are the final two phase 3 phonemes so a sheet detailing them all will be sent home at the end of our assessments with details of those your child needs to practise at home. 

The children will also be looking at maps over the next two weeks (world, UK), so if you're out and about at the weekend why not look at the map (physical/satnav/strava etc) of where you are going or have been. They will also be talking about their route to school, what they go past, road names if possible, whether they turn left or right etc. so any chat you can have with your child about their route would be useful. 

As always, if you have any queries or concerns please have a chat to your class teacher.

Have a happy weekend

The Reception Team