Reception Week 22 2020

Date: 28th Feb 2020 @ 7:38am

Welcome to the Week 22 blog.

The children have loved learning all about Tom and the Island of Dinosaurs this week. The book forms the foundation of our teaching this half term and is a fabulous adventure story where Tom goes to help Katy with her plan to rescue the last dinosaurs from the erupting volcano. So exciting for 4 and 5 year olds! Why not ask your child to tell you the story this weekend and see if they can remember some of the exciting words in the book.

Thanks to everyone who has sent back information about occupations. We will be talking more about these over the next couple of weeks so it's not too late to send them in.

Next Thursday (5th March) is World Book Day. Children are requested to come to school in their normal school uniform with just one added extra to make them look "different". This could be a hat, different socks etc. The focus on the day will be all about the joy of reading and how we are all different but all special.

Heads up for two more dates for your diary. Share a Story this half term will be on Thursday 12th March and Reception will be presenting an Easter assembly, to which parents are invited, on the last Friday of term, 3rd April, at 9am. It should be finished by approximately 9.35am.

Next week the children are also baking vegan flapjacks. Baking is always a favourite for the children and we use this acitivity to talk with them about the mathematical concepts of weight and capacity, and, from the science curriculum, heating and cooling, change of state and materials. After the activity we use it as part of our assessment of the children's ability to recall a sequence and talk about what they have done. Such a lot of learning from such an enjoyable activity!

Don't forget, if your child does something outside of school that is amazing or you are really proud of, there are praise proformas in the Reception Parents' area (inside Class 9's entrance door) that you can fill in and send back. Examples of recent ones received include, learning to ski, getting a 10m swimming badge and helping out with the new baby. It is great for us to hear about their achievements and it also gives us a broader picture of your child's skills when we are making assessments.

Next week's phonemes are igh, as in sight, and ure, as in pure.

Wishing you a happy weekend.

The Reception Team