Reception Week 21 2020

Date: 14th Feb 2020 @ 7:31am

Good morning and welcome to the Reception Week 21 blog.

The children have had an exciting week!  Thumbs up time always creates a lovely buzz amongst the children as they show off all their fabulous hard work. Alongside that we have also been learning all about Grace Darling. She has really captured their imaginations and helped with their understanding of history. There is a super short account of her heroics on the BBC site (pathway below) that we have used in school and is well worth a watch.

Thanks to all of you who have returned the child's questionnaire given out at learning review meetings. There's still time to return them after half term. Your child's views are greatly appreciated and help us inform our future practice (not sure we can conjure a swimming pool though!). 

Next steps were put in books yesterday. Please use these as your half term homework alongside reading both to and with your child. Some children have had number bonds to 5 as their Maths objective. Just to clarify, this means knowing by heart that   0 and 5  1 and 4   2 and 3  (and the reversals  5 and 0  4 and 1  3 and 2) all add to 5. The same applies to number bonds (or pairs of numbers) to 10. As always, if you have any questions please pop in and see us at the end of the day (or phone if you are not picking up!). 

The phonemes for the week we return are "or" as in for and "ar" as in car.

Part of our topic next half term includes dinosaurs! Just a reminder that Manchester Museum (Oxford Road) has a fabulous dinosaur section and that Dippy the Dinosaur diplodocus skeleton, formally housed in the Natural History Museum,  is currently on show at Number One Riverside, Rochdale, from 10th February to the 28th June.

Whatever you get up to this holiday, we wish you all a happy and safe week.

The Reception Team